Thursday, December 02, 2004

What holiday exactly?

Michelle Malkin rummages up the latest attack on all things Christian. Please join her in the "Lump Of Coal Campaign".

Church Group Can't March In Holiday Parade

Organizers say the parade is about the holidays, not Christmas

Huh? What are the holidays without religion? In fact, what are "the holidays" anyway? "The holidays" of course is a slurring of the term "holy days" and as it is usually defined here in the US, the holiday season runs from Thanksgiving, through Christmas, to new years.

Thanksgiving; giving thanks; giving thanks to who? God. Christmas, Christ, as in Jesus Christ what is wrong with you people? If you don't agree with what the holidays are all about, don't participate, don't come to the parade. Don't try to cheapen or adultrate the deep feelings of religious people during this very special time of ear.

The celebration of Christmas and the holidays is about setting aside a small part of the year to give thanks and to remeber the sacrifice of Gods son on earth.

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